Rules & Regulations
  1. Admission is open to boys and girls irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, language or region.
  2. Admission is made at the entry level strictly on the basis of marit, i.e. marks obtained at the qualifying examination.
  3. Ragging in any form is stringently prohibited and severe punishment will be given in case of violation or non compliance.
  4. Students are required to ensure minimum 75% attendance and follow the Semester rules of CCE, project work, internship etc.
  5. Strict compliance to the rules of the college and directions of the principal and the guidelines of the teachers is expected from every student.
  6. Students must carry the identity cards issued by the college while they are in the college premises.
  7. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the college premises and contravention of this will invite punitary actions.
  8. Students must be decently and nobly dressed maintaining dignity & decorum.
  9. Students must ensure that outsiders do not accompany them to the college.
  10. Any damage to the furniture, fittings etc. will be punishable.